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Preview - day #4

Evženie Votinská, 16.08. 2022 Aktuality

Four teams enter the fourth day of the Euro U18 undefeated and four teams without a win. The last games will be played in Hluboká and Ostrava.

France, who have two wins in the table so far, will face Austria. They have not played good games so far, but it has not been enough to succeed.

The morning match in Ostrava between Italy and Germany promises to be interesting. Germany is not so dominant, but they are chasing three wins in the table. Italy won with zero against Ireland and Israel, but lost to the Czech team. The win moves Germany into the semifinals.

Great Britain will play Lithuania, and after their performance on the Hluboka pitch, they can certainly hope to get their second win of the tournament. Lithuania have received the most points so far (37), but the British representatives cannot underestimate them.

Ireland have received the fewest points so far in the tournament (3) and will face Belgium in Ostrava on Tuesday. Neither of their opponents have won yet.

The highlight of the programme at Hluboká will be the evening duel between the Netherlands and Spain for the first place in Group A. Both teams have won three times so far, but the Dutch defending champion is definitely the better and more dominant team, whose victory will ensure their participation in the semi-finals and promotion from first place.

The Czech Republic should take on Israel in their fourth match at the tournament, having beaten only Belgium so far in the tournament. The home team is in good shape after three wins and is also the team with the most runs scored (42).


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